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Integrating Enterprise and IT Risk Functions Using Scenarios

January 12, 2017

Integrating Enterprise and IT Risk Functions Using Scenarios The challenges that organizations face today are increasingly more complex than in the past. The constant change of the global economy, dynamics of business risks and opportunities, and an increased threat of … Continue reading

Solving Framework Fatigue. Using COBIT5 to Manage Frameworks and Achieve Business Value

December 3, 2016

With a multitude of models, standards, bodies of knowledge and frameworks in our industry, it’s easy to see how navigating through these becomes utterly exhausting for an IT service organization. The jigsaw puzzle of frameworks is daunting. Frameworks, whether adopted … Continue reading

Using Multiple Guidance Systems for the Governance of Enterprise IT

November 13, 2016

The most secured company in the world I’ve been known to tell a story about when my CEO rounded up the executive management team (I was the CIO at the time) and pounded us with the question: “Why are we … Continue reading