Information is the currency of today’s business environment, and you need information, knowledge and wisdom to create value for your stakeholders.  Escoute E-Learning is the place to be to gain just that. Our E-Learning platform allows you to gain valuable skills in the governance, risk and compliance domains that not only teach you what you need to know, but offer you the tips and techniques that you can take to work tomorrow.

We offer two types of courses: Introductory and Premium. Our introductory courses are free to you, and premium courses are paid courses that dive much deeper through demonstrative, interactive and exam preparation content.

Our premium courses offer deep dives into specific areas of high interest within each learning domain.

Premium courses are organized into the following types of learning:

  • Demonstrative. These premium courses provide a mix of presentations and videos that incorporate training content into practical knowledge. These include examples and analogies that help link the training content to real world applications.
  • Interactive. These premium courses provide a mix of presentation and video that presents a case study or use case to be solved during the course. They typically include a free download as a part of the course.
  • Exam preparation. These premium courses prepare you to take a certification exam. They include knowledge transfer of core exam preparation

Our courses are currently organized into four learning domains: COBIT, IT Governance, IT Risk and Cybersecurity. More will be added as we expand our E-learning portfolio. At least two courses will be added each month so you can continue to enjoy knowledge transfer from the top experts in the industry.

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IT Governance

Also known as Governance of Enterprise Information and Technology (EGIT) and Governance of Enterprise Information and Technology (GEIT), IT Governance is concerned with benefits realization, risk optimization and resource optimization with respect to leveraging Information and Technology. The goal of IT governance is to create value from I&T investments for the enterprise. Exercised by the board that oversees the definition and implementation of processes, structures and mechanisms, IT Governance enables both business and IT to execute their responsibilities in support of business/IT alignment.


IT Risk

The challenges that organizations face today are increasingly more complex than in the past. Constant change of the global economy, dynamics of business risks and opportunities, and an increased threat of cyberattacks add complexities we’ve never faced. Organizations today must constantly scan their environments and take practical steps to make risk-informed decisions that provide value for stakeholders. Addressing risk is about informed decision-making, and must be both governed and managed.



COBIT ® is a framework for the enterprise governance and management of information and technology (I&T) that supports enterprise goal achievement. ISACA released the latest version of the framework in 2019 and it is the best governance and management framework to date for the governance and management of enterprise IT. Originally known as “Control Objectives for Information and Technology,” COBIT is a more comprehensive information and technology governance and management framework that continues to establish itself as not only a generally accepted framework for I&T governance, but a framework that is aimed at the whole enterprise. It focuses on the components required to govern and manage the information that an enterprise receives, processes, stores and disseminates.



Today’s cybersecurity attacks are representative of more threatening ones ahead, as evidenced by recent destructive attacks. Attackers are organized and well-supported, leveraging sophisticated methods. At the same time, society is highly dependent on technology, connectivity and information sharing. As mobile devices continue to proliferate, and as digital transformation continues to evolve, the need to protect against cybersecurity attacks is increasingly important. Therefore, leveraging the top industry information security frameworks such as NIST and ISO are key. This domain primarily focuses on the governance, management and administration of a cybersecurity framework using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.



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